Каникулы в Чехии

Отдых и обучение в Праге для студентов и школьников


Education in the czech republic



     Experience Prague’s unique and fantastic atmosphere! Here, every cobblestone is soaked with history. Every tiny street, every building is a piece of art. The heritage of this country will charm you with its majesty: sometimes with extravagant, absurd architectural design and sometimes with royal majesty. You will be able to experience the wonder and mystery of the Czech Republic’s capitol city. 

Education in the Czech Republic is what young ambitious people need for building a promising future! Why the Czech Republic? It is a chance to improve yourself and develop professional skills in your field of work upon receiving a European diploma – “for nothing” – Education in the Czech Republic is FOR FREE.

     All you need for entering a Czech University without extra money is knowledge of the Czech language. Prague Language Institute will help you to master the Czech language in just a couple of months! Therefore, the diploma is almost in your hands!


What are the advantages in studying Czech with the Prague Language Institute?

We have an individual approach to every student: we are ready to answer all your questions regarding education in the Czech Republic any time.

When dealing with us, you will not overpay numerous mediators. Mediators and representatives charge you an extra 15-20% of the total program price, so with us you can save about 500-1500 EURO. 

We organize field-oriented preparation courses. For an additional 200-300 EURO students can attend subject-specific courses in different fields (economics, foreign languages, technical sciences, general knowledge, etc.)

We help students to get educational documents recognized and approved. We will help you to translate necessary documents, forward the documents to corresponding authorities and universities, and assist you regarding preparations for exams, etc. 

We collaborate only with well-known partners and highly qualified teachers who we guarantee will teach you not only knowledge but also the skills you need to use Czech in real situations.

 Lessons are organized in small groups (10 people at most) which provides an individual approach to every student.

You do not have to buy any study materials! All study materials are provided FOR FREE!

 We care about students’ recreation and provide a great cultural program, which will help you to relax and assimilate to the Czech culture (entertaining films, informative excursions and many other things).

Depending on the goals you want to achieve, you can choose single term or year-long Czech language courses, which will become Your entrance ticket, your chance to get a free education in the Czech Republic.